2011 Over the Limit Results and Commentary

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WWE’s Over the Limit took place Sunday night in Seattle, WA, and coming off WrestleMania and Extreme Rules, you knew this PPV was going to be a dud. And it was. The matches themselves were not awful for the most part, but this was nothing more than a longer three-hour RAW.

Here’s the results and comments on each match.

I Quit Match for the WWE Title

John Cena over The Miz – This was a sleeper as a main event on a number of levels. First they decided to make it a “handicap” match with Miz’s buddy Alex Riley joining him to try and defeat Cena. Then all it was for about 12 minutes was Riley and Miz doing almost like torture tactis to try and get Cena to submit.

Then to bury Miz even more, they allow Cena one stretch of offense up the ramp, and the minute he gets him in the STFU the Miz quickly gives up. Terrible match, and here’s hoping they don’t have a third round at the next PPV.

World Heavyweight Title Match

Randy Orton Over Christian – I enjoyed this match, as these two faces again gave us a solid match with a ton of close two counts. Orton got the win on a great counter and RKO, and while he’s now 2-0 vs Christian, I would love to see round three with a stip at the next PPV – how about a ladder match? Clearly the best match of the night.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match

Ezekiel Jackson best Wade Barrett via DQ – Obvious finish with the interference of the Corre and Jackson winning, but not getting the belt. I know they want to keep up Barrett’s push, but they shouldn’t bury Jackson either, as I think he can be something for the Smackdown brand in the future.

WWE Tag Team Title Match

Big Show and Kane over CM Punk & Mason Ryan – No issues with the champs winning, but they do all this crazy “Batista” like build for Ryan, and then he gets pinned. I didn’t get that. And now it seems Punk is nothing more than a sideshow act with Nexus, and he hasn’t had a good match since Mania. Not sure the long term plan with anyone in this match.

WWE Divas Title Match

Brie Bella over Kelly Kelly – All they have done for the last few weeks is push Kharma, and now on a PPV she’s nowhere to be found. The Bella’s do a little old school “Killer Bees” switch to get the win, and Kelly Kelly is left scratching her head. I still think she gets the belt eventually, only to be squashed by Kharma.

Kiss My Foot Match

Jerry Lawler over Michael Cole – As I tweeted last night, I so hope this feud is finally over. They did it right, with JR coming out, Eve (that was odd) coming out, and then finally Bret Hart coming out to help Lawler as well. I thought we might see a face turn for Jack Swagger, but they didn’t do that. Cole is bad on the mic now as a heel, and even worse as a wrestler. I can see them doing the Jonathan Coachman thing with him and eventually taking him out of the booth and making him a manager or GM.

R-Truth Over Rey Mysterio – Good opener, and they did the right thing with contuning the push for Truth as he got a clean win. He won’t ever be a main event guy IMO, but can be a solid mid-card heel that can push for a IC title down the road.

Sin Cara over Chavo Guerrero – Worried about Sin Cara, he wins on a botched move, and while Guerrero allowed him to do all his offense in the match, seems like the crowd really doesn’t care all that much about this guy, and rather see more of Mysterio. Will be interesting to see what they do with Cara now that he’s won his first important match.

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