80% Sick of the Scramble

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Are you like me and sick and tired of hearing how the champ at Unforgiven has a 80% chance of losing his title in the Scramble . I know they are trying very hard to hype up this new format, especially when you have three of these matches happening in one night, but do we really need the mathematical calculations to emphasize how hard it will be to retain the belt. I think it’s pretty easy to understand. Let’s see, there are five guys in the match, four of which are not the champ. It seems there are more no champions than champions, thus it is more likely the champ will lose. With all the hype one has to wonder is the WWE afraid they have a dud on their hands. The concept may not be bad after all, but risking three major matches on a pay per view with an untested style is risky and they have to hope it goes over with the fans, if not they will have wasted half the show on nothing.

So to further hype us for the WWE title Scramble we had are typical preview style matches and promos on Smack Down. Even Triple H made fun of how the promo should work while he was exchanging words with MVP and Shelton Benjamin. This was cut short as Brian Kendrick attacked H from behind and then we had our usual brawl between all the competitors of the main event as Jeff Hardy joined in to even the ranks against H.

Triple H was the only member of the Scramble that would face different competition on Smack Down as he was pitted against Khali again. The other scramble participants were lumber jacks for this match and used every opportunity they got to beat on the champ when he left the ring. Of course H defeated Khali but the main twist of this match was Hardy turning on him. There has been tension in the past between these two but when push came to shove they always helped each other. It looks like Hardy has had enough as he gave H the twist of fate at the end of the match. This now pushes Hardy into the spotlight of being the top contender for the belt and it should be interesting how they will work this program. Both guys are faces and the top two loved wrestlers on the program. Will they do a heel turn for one of them or just chalk their dislike of each other due to the belt.

The preview matches consisted of MVP and Shelton Benjamin and Kendrick and Hardy. Both were decent but really nothing much to talk about. This is understandable as you really don’t want to show much before the big match on Sunday. We did get a slight taste of how outclassed Kendrick is as he really didn‘t impress against Hardy. Other than his man Zeke interfering for the win Kendrick showed little offense. In the other match Benjamin was able to get the pin over MVP.

The Big Show has finally answered the call of Kozlov for real competition, but Vickie put a stop to it before it began. This is what the Big Show now gets to do. Give Kozlov his fist win and a ticket to the bottom of the roster. I really can’t believe they can’t find anything decent for the Big Show on this roster. It really is sad that they have not been able to do anything with him since Mania.

R-Truth had another decent match against Bam Neely but his ring entrance really needs some work. Now they have him going through the crowd signing then dancing again in the ring. Bam Neely really hasn’t looked good in any action and I have to wonder how long he will stick around. Super Crazy defeated Ryan Braddock in his new role as taking on the stiffs. In Diva action we saw some unimpressive performances. First Maryse and Maria squared off in a terrible match. Maryse can hold her own against competition who are better than her, but when paired up against someone like Maria who is bad in the ring the match tends to be a bit bad. Victoria lost again to Brie Bella but this time due to trickery. Brie hid under the ring and reemerged to gain the pin fall. Look for this gimmick to be used again as Bella has a twin in the organization an this explains how she can be in two places at once.


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