A Good Night of Wrestling on Friday Night SmackDown

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Friday Night’s SmackDown is what I feel the start of what we’ll be seeing a lot more of up to WrestleMania XXV. That of course is main event type stars changing brands and being on other shows on a weekly basis to start building feuds and what not before Mania gets going.

Friday night we saw John Cena “chase” Edge and Vicki over to SmackDown, and it seems like the company is setting up for a Cena vs Edge match at Mania. I can’t help but think though that Cena’s opponent on Friday night – The Big Show, is going to be in the mix in some fashion. Can you say – triple threat?

I have always liked Cena-Show matches, and Friday’s match again was good, but of course you knew that Edge would get involved, which of course allowed Show to get the win with the choke slam. Overall though good match.

The Hardy brothers back and forth was weak. Does anyone remember when Undertaker refused to fight his brother Kane back 11 years ago? We all know what happened there, as since then the two have fought some 5,000 times. Now we’ll have that chararde with Jeff and Matt, which will lead to the match at Mania between the pair.

Seems like the age of the Undertaker is really starting to show. I was a bit stunned to see him lose to Kozlov, and clean was even more of a shock. Taker just is starting to look old, and he’ll be 44 years old on March 24th. Sure, he’ll wrestle for about another 5 years probably, but the years of abuse in the ring seem to be showing.

The US Title run with Chavo, MVP and Shelton Benjamin is a very good feud. I can’t wait till they finally announce a three-way with these three at Mania, which really is a match they should make. Chavo got a win over Benjamin, but in the end, with the belt on the line, this will be a good match if it’s made.

The Colon vs Miz/Morrison match was a good open, and I hope they have a series of more matches, as these four seem to work well together.

Overall, a good night on SmackDown, and again, with Mania getting closer and closer, it’s time for all the WWE shows to start picking up big time.

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