A tribute fit for a King

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It’s great to see the WWE put in another fantastic show for our Soldiers serving in Iraq. Say what you want about Vince McMahon and how he runs his business, but time and again he does a great thing for the troops. No other major sport/entertainment organizations puts on the type of show he does. He takes his top level talent, including himself this year, and goes overseas to put on a Raw from the middle of Iraq. The security necessary to do this must be huge, but the payoff is so worth it.

When watching the show its great to see the interaction between the Super Stars of the WWE and the Soldiers. Everyone from the WWE is so humble as they take time to joke around and take pictures with the men and women serving over there. I can’t stress enough how much this impressed me. In an era were entertainers feel they are God’s gift to the world and we all should bow down and worship them, it’s great to see this level of appreciation . The looks on the faces of those who interacted with the wrestles was process. Bringing this small piece of home must boost the moral 10 fold, and it shows we all appreciate what they are doing over there for this country.

The matches themselves were not bad either. You would figure after a 22 hour flight the wrestlers could be forgiven for putting on a less than stellar performance. But these guys and gals gave there all, and had some good matches. Even John Cena, wounded wing and all, gave the FU to Vince. The wrestlers had fun with the crowd, including Y2J taking a camera and snapping a pic of a wounded Randy Orton, the Divas giving kisses to the Soldiers, Jeff Hardy high 5ing those at ring side during the match, and DX calling the troops into the ring.

Overall this is great the WWE takes time to do this every year and they should be praised for it. I know there is still plenty of bashing of wrestling going on now due to the Chris Benoit saga, but show me another sport that takes time to do this on such a grand level. I don’t see the NBA, MLB or the NFL doing anything of this magnitude, and they all have their skeletons with steroid’s, drug abuse and a never ending rap sheet of players getting arrested for various infractions. So to the rest of the media, lay off wrestling for their troubles, at least they try to do some good.

Finally, on behalf of Matt Loede and myself I would also like to extend a special thank you to the troops. We can never show enough gratitude for the sacrifices you men and women make to help make this country one of the best in the world. We all miss you and love you guys, and can’t wait till you can all come home and be with your loved ones again. So Happy Holidays to all our readers and listeners, and once again thank you to all those who serve proudly in the US military.


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