Adamle Out, Grisham In

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With last nights shocking news of Mike Admale taking over the GM duties on Raw, we needed a new announcer for ECW and that honor now goes to Todd Grisham. It was not a bad debut for Grisham who has plenty of experience in the WWE as locker room reporter and pay per view pre match host. Unlike Adamle he has experience in calling matches and is familiar with the terms used in the industry. This already makes him way more qualified than Admale was and it showed tonight. I’ll admit the chemistry between Taz and Grisham was not there, but that will come in time. But already there is better quality to the matches and this move brings some legitimacy back to the ECW.

As for the action tonight the best way to some it up was average. Nothing really special happened but it was alright to watch. We opened the festivities tonight with Chavo taking on Rickie Ortiz. There was nothing really special about this match except for the ending. Chavo was disqualified due asSistance from Bam Neely during a pin attempt. Well this did not sit well with him so the two began to take it out on Ortiz. But before it could get ugly Evan Bourne came to Ortiz’s rescue. This ending could set up some nice programs for those involved. Bourne and Chavo would be an excellent fit due to their athletic styles. Plus Bourne could learn plenty from a crafty veteran like Chavo and use these matches to firmly establish himself. Ortiz and Neely would be a great combo as they are both big bruisers who need some ring time to show what they have. Let them engage in a few knock out drag down matches to strut their stuff. You could even throw in an extreme rules match to spice it up. And further still there could be a couple of tag matches to keep all parties fresh in our minds. I have a feeling that’s were it will start next week on ECW before it branches into singles competition.

And just because we love it so much we had another Finaly/Hornswoogle versus Miz and Morrison match. Even though I did predict it I’m gladsthe Irishmen did not take the tag belts from Miz and Morrison as it would have been a mockery to all the legitimate tag teams out there. This match really didn’t impress me given the talent in the ring. We saw a botched Morrison spin kick and some lame comedic antics from the father and son team. It ended when Horswoggle tagged himself in only to be taken out hard by Morrison. As if that was not enough Mike Knox took to the ring and proceeded to take out both Hornswoggle and Finlay. It looks like they want to set up Knox and Finlay. I have to admit I agree with Knox’s statements after when he claimed Finlay has gotten soft. Dancing with leprechauns and using squirt guns is no place for the man who loves to fight. Finlay is to good a worker to have to take this route in his career.

The main event saw Colin Delaney taking on Matt Hardy in order to impress Mark Henry and Tony Atlas. The champ wanted Delaney to take on Hardy in order to soften him up for Summer Slam. The outcome of this was never in question as Hardy make quick time with Delaney. I will admit though we got to see some decent offense out of Delaney for once. But it was not enough and Henry and Atlas came to the ring to show their disappointment in Delaney by picking him up and throwing him out of the ring. The question is will Delaney even establish himself as more than just the whipping boy of ECW. to be honest I would not be surprised if he found himself as champ, if only briefly, one day as they love the underdogs on ECW.


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