Backlash Coverage Match Three: C.M. Punk vs Kane

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Match three at the 2009 Backlash showcased two “Money in the Bank” grapplers, as Kane took on C.M. Punk. Here’s our breakdown of the match with Matt and John.

Matt: Well, this seemed more like a match on RAW than a PPV match. Born out of the “for no specific reason” file, we had Kane and CM Punk go at it in what was an okay match, that in the end they gave to Kane with an impressive chokeslam. What bothers me is this match means nothing, and the only thing I can think of is they are going to keep this feud going with a couple of stip matches. Both guys worked well, but I can say three matches in that this PPV is clearly not worth $40.

This match was one of those that should have been saved for Raw or Smack Down. A bit of a slow one as it was a slug fest between Punk and the lumbering Kane. There was little back story for this match and it showed as the crowd really just watched because there was nothing better to do. I’m not sure what the win will do for Kane as he has been a filler wrestler at best over the past couple years. Can’t see this grouping going on much longer as there is nothing at stake.

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