Cena vs Del Rio the Plan for SummerSlam

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Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena is currently planned for SummerSlam, with either the World Heavyweight Title or the WWE Title on the line.

When WWE first booked Extreme Rules, they weren’t planning on having the Draft first. Alberto Del Rio has been planned to win the World Title at the pay-per-view, and then he would have moved to RAW in the June Draft with The Miz keeping the WWE Title at Extreme Rules and taking the belt to SmackDown in June.

With the Draft being held early, there is a strong possibility now that Christian will win the World Title at Extreme Rules. If Christian wins, this would be the third pay-per-view since the Royal Rumble where Del Rio was scheduled to win the title but didn’t.

With Vince McMahon changing things and bringing the Draft sooner in hope of locking in the SummerSlam main events early, plans will be changing.

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