Comcast Has Major Issues with the HD Buy of Mania

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From: Pro Wrestling Insider

WWE had a major problem tonight with the nation’s largest cable company, Comcast. When I went to order the HD version of the show, I got the dreaded black screen of death. I was on hold for 40 minutes before someone came on and told me that they were having a problem with the HD feed (no kidding). This is the third or fourth show in a row that Comcast has screwed up the HD feed. Since I have been through this beofre with them, I just ordered the SD version too and when the representative finally got on the phone, I had her cancel the HD purchase. But, anyone who ordered it in HD got nothing and will get a refund, costing WWE buys.

Also, we have heard from other Comcast customers who said they had no SD feed either. How the nation’s largest cable company can’t make sure that they can sell one of the biggest PPV shows of the year to its customers is beyond me. The sad thing is that it will end up costing WWE buys.



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