Could SmackDown Be Live in the Fall?

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WWE’s mulling over the possibility of running Smackdown live on some days has been talked about for a while. One company source told me it’s at least part of the reason that they have postponed moving the ECW tapings to Monday nights. Originally, that was supposed to happen by August or so but it has been pushed back. Also, WWE hasn’t announced any dates for Smackdown TV tapings for October yet, which is pretty interesting since they will start on MyNetworkTV on October 3.

The bone of contention that Kevin Dunn has had for years with running Smackdown live is that it would extend the work week of his production team since they would have to spend an extra two days on the road most of the time, and at least one extra day on PPV weekends. From what I have been told, Dunn has not given up that objection but the flip side is that WWE really needs the deal with MNTV to work because the only other serious bidder on the Smackdown property when CW dropped it was WGN and that has nowhere near the viewer penetration. It’s imperative for WWE to make the new deal work or they could be faced with far more limited exposure for Smackdown.

As best as I can tell, this whole situation is only in the talking stage right now.

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