Details of Today’s WrestleMania 24 Press Conference

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The WrestleMania 24 press conference kicks off with a video promo with highlights of the Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather angle thus far.

We cut to a video package for WrestleMania and we are live in Los Angeles, California. It looks like hundreds of fans and the media are in attendance. Jonathan Coachman welcomes us to today’s press conference. Coachman brings out WWE’s Chairman of the Board, Mr. McMahon.

Vince welcomes the media and says he thinks of WWE as America’s greatest export. Vince puts over WWE as being great, worldwide entertainment that represents America. Vince brings up the entertainment and says they are the only variety show left on television. Vince brings up all the entertainment and athletic factors that is WWE. Vince says that is what we will do at WrestleMania, entertain you. He goes on to mention autograph signings for the fans and the Tribute to the Troops, saying that’s what WWE does; entertain. Vince talks about the first WrestleMania with Hulk Hogan and Mr. T teaming up in Madison Square Garden and brings up the celebrities that have taken part in WrestleMania over the years.

Vince says this is the second outdoor event that they will attempt and says this will be a WrestleMania like you have never seen before. The WWE fans in attendance pop at this statement. Vince thanks everyone for attending, his music hits and Coachman comes back to the podium. Coachman brings out today’s first Superstar, and touts him as a recording artist, movie star, former WWE Champion – John Cena. Coachman mentioned 12 Rounds filming now. Out comes Cena to his music. The crowd indeed pops for John Cena.

Cena thanks everyone for coming out and steps back when a chorus of “YOU SUCK” chants come out of the crowd. Cena laughs and says you guys are killing me. Cena says this really is fantastic. Cena thanks Vince McMahon for putting this together, a guy who he normally hates but this time of year he thinks is a great guy. Cena talks about the passion for WWE and WrestleMania among the WWE fans. A mixed reaction of “CENA” and “YOU SUCK” chants from the crowd. Cena says this event brings out the best in everyone, the wrestlers and the fans. Cena says today, he won’t predict anything for the match but he will try his hardest to bring the WWE Title home. He says he is proud because he was supposed to miss this WrestleMania and he loves this business. He says love him or hate him, everyone knows the respect he has for the business. The only prediction he will make for WrestleMania is that history will be made. Cena goes on to put over the AXXESS tour, the Hall of Fame and the big show itself. Cena says WrestleMania will deliver. He asks the fans to be there with WWE, as history is made. Cena’s music hits and he takes a seat.

Coachman introduces the WWE Champion next, Randy Orton. The Legend Killer comes out with the WWE Title over his shoulder. Cena and Orton exchange a few small words and Orton approaches the podium. Orton talks about the 3-way at WrestleMania and says he is faster, stronger and better than his opponents, Triple H and John Cena. Orton says he will walk out of WrestleMania as WWE Champion and won’t be known as the Legend Killer, but he will be known as a Legend. Orton holds his WWE Title high, his music plays and he takes a seat after posing for the crowd.

Coach introduces The Game next and out comes Triple H. HHH says it’s exciting to be here, because last year he watched WrestleMania from the sidelines. This year, he says, The Game is back. Triple H says this main event will be what this business will be all about. He says when you see that match, you will know what the best is. Triple H says they will put on a show like nobody else in the world can, except the WWE. He says at WrestleMania, the King of Kings goes back on his throne.

Triple H takes a seat and Jonathan Coachman talks about the Diva Search that WWE conducts each year. Coach introduces Candice Michelle and Maria and says they will be involved in the Playboy Bunny Mania match at WrestleMania. Out comes the two WWE Divas. Candice talks first and says it’s great to be back, after being sidelined with injury and she thanks God for her blessings. She will be teaming with Maria for Bunny Mania at WrestleMania. Candice shouts out Maria’s birthday today. Maria says what’s up Los Angeles and the crowd breaks out in “Happy Birthday” to Maria, who blows a kiss to the crowd. Maria says she couldn’t have made her Playboy decision without the great WWE fans. She says she can’t wait for the fans to see it, and wants them to cheer on Maria and Candice in the Playboy Bunny Mania match at WrestleMania. The two Divas take a seat and Coach comes back to the podium.

Out next is Edge, with his World Heavyweight Title. Edge brings up The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania, and brings up how he is also undefeated at WrestleMania. Edge says he gets goosebumps just talking about the match and guarantees it will give the fans goosebumps also. Edge says he will walk away the Champ still and The Undertaker’s streak will come to and end. Short speech by Edge as he takes a seat beside Randy Orton.

Coach introduces Rey Mysterio next, saying he won’t be able to compete at WrestleMania due to the injury he suffered in Chile. Rey comes out, thanks the crowd and speaks some Spanish to the fans in attendance. Rey talks about his injury and how this business has risks and rewards. Rey keeps breaking out in Spanish, talking to the fans. Rey says his reward would have been to be a part of WrestleMania 24, but unfortunately he is going to miss out on the big show again. He says it’s all good because the love and passion he has for the business makes him want to come back stronger and better. Rey brings up Floyd Mayweather and says if he needs any help in preparing for the match with Big Show, he is there for him. Rey says his surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday, but that’s not going to stop him from helping out Mayweather. Rey tells the fans to enjoy WrestleMania, thanks them and takes a seat.

Coach brings out WWE’s newest broadcaster, Mike Adamle. He says Mayweather will be speaking soon, and puts over the match with Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show. Adamle says Floyd will be giving away over 200lbs in weight, 14 inches in height and 12 inches in reach when he faces Big Show at WrestleMania. Adamle introduces Shane McMahon as a 4th generation McMahon and out comes Shane. Shane says a lot of networks like HBK, CableVision, Comcast and other people in the pay-per-view and broadcast industries are nervous and wondering if the risk is worth the reward, and we will find out at WrestleMania when two pay-per-view juggernauts meet, WWE and Floyd Mayweather. Chants for “CENA” and “TRIPLE H” break out while Edge and Randy Orton hold their World Titles high. Shane introduces Floyd Mayweather, with his business manager. 50 Cent’s “I Get Money” hits and Floyd comes out to a mixed reaction of cheers and boo’s.

The fans break out in a “De La Hoya” chant and taunt Mayweather, who pulls out a stack of money and says he has all day. Floyd starts off by thanking the McMahon family, the WWE, the fans and the WWE Superstars who are behind him. The crowd continues to taunt Mayweather. A “BIG SHOW” chant breaks out. Mayweather picks up some piece of paper, tears it in half and throws it down. Floyd turns his hat around, looks at the crowd and pulls out another wad of money. Do they want him to throw some of this? He says keep saying “De La Hoya” and you won’t get any money. Mayweather says he runs the show now. He says everyone needs to address him as Money Mayweather. Mayweather taunts the crowd now. Mayweather walks around to the crowd of fans and throws dollar bills to the fans. He makes his way back to the stage, and continues to taunt the crowd with his money. Floyd tests to see which part of the crowd will pop the hardest for him and he throws more money into the crowd. Back to the podium, Mayweather puts over WrestleMania and says be there or be square. He says we’re going to turn the two W’s in WWE around and make it Money Mayweather Entertainment. Mayweather continues to act a fool before taking a few steps back, taunting the crowd some more and continuing to proclaim he runs the show now. Mayweather says he runs the WWE as well. This is getting drawn out and ridiculous as he keeps talking about his lifestyle and money, and running the show. Mayweather keeps talking and finally he asks for Show to be brought out and finally, he takes a seat. Mike Adamle says now that Floyd has shown you the money, it’s time to show you the show, the Big Show.

The Big Show’s music hits and at this point the WWE’s streaming feed cuts out. The stream cuts on about 5 minutes later and Show is talking to Mayweather about business. Show says if he has to slap Mayweather around and make him understand that wrestling does hurt, then he will. Show takes the podium and throws it to the side. Mayweather stands on a chair and comes face to face with Show. Show balls his fist and shows Mayweather it is bigger than his head. Show keeps talking trash to Mayweather, who finally takes a seat. Show’s music hits and he takes a seat as well as Mayweather looks on.

Jonathan Coachman thanks the media and the fans for coming and says we will see everyone at WrestleMania 24 in Orlando.

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