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Reviewed By : Steve “Rockamaniac” Wilson of MainEventRadio.com

Strong Style Productions is the latest company to form and dive in to the wrestling DVD market. Their first release is “Quick Shooting With Allison Danger” , Which is a 2 disc, nearly 4 hour sit down shoot interview that is anything but “Quick” but rather intriguing at the same time.

For the non-mainstream fans reading this review, you might be asking who is Allison Danger and what makes her qualified to speak on the world of pro wrestling for nearly 4 hours? Well Allison Danger is one of the most talented and powerful female wrestlers out there today that is not under the WWE or TNA umbrella. Danger, alongside Dave Prazak run Shimmer Women Athletes, which is a all female independent wrestling company that has helped almost all of TNA’s and some of WWE’s female rosters rise to new levels in the world of professional wrestling. Danger has also been a regular in Ring Of Honour for years having best been known for managing Christopher Daniels in that promotion, And for those who still don’t know who she might be, perhaps her real name would help, that being Cathy Corino, which makes her the younger sister of former ECW star “The King Of Old School” Steve Corino, so to say the least her 8 years in and around the business has permitted her to see and experience a hell of a lot, and she gets a chance to take the knowledge she has gained and give her opinion on the wrestling business in this DVD.

Presented in a widescreen format, Quick Shooting With Allison Danger is visually impressive, it transitions flawlessly between topics, and generally the audio is very clear, although since it was recorded on different days and Danger wears different outfits, there is one period where the sound suffers, but getting to the actual content of the DVD, This is not your cookie cutter shoot interview, where you start from the person’s childhood and go through every aspect of someone’s career. Instead Danger is asked her opinions on a variety of topics including her thoughts on working for WWE or TNA, being a woman on either roster, her actual thoughts on every single woman on those rosters, bra and panties matches, women who take part in “custom wrestling video shoots” and what she thinks young girls who are looking to break into the business need to do. Danger also answers some more personal questions such as her experiences with promoters, whether she would sign on with the WWE or TNA, who in the wrestling world she has had a crush on since she was young girl and what she plans to do once her time is up in the business.

I must say that once you watch this DVD you’ll probably be surprised how smart to the business this woman really is, she has seen and lived through so much in the business that she has some uber interesting things to say. Can it sustain your attention for nearly 4 hours? That depends on what type of fan you are, if you only watch WWE, or TNA, or have never seen Shimmer, then there is a chunk of the DVD that will drag for you, Personally I have followed all 3, and thus knew everyone and everything she was speaking of making it highly appealing to me and time flew when watching it, so if you’re a fan of at least the two major feds, and or a Indy fan who follows Shimmer, ROH and the circuit that those stars follow then this DVD can be just as appealing to you.

“Quick Shooting With Allison Danger” is now available on DVD from Strong Style Productions. For more information you can check out the company’s website at strongstyleproductions.com and to read my previous DVD reviews check out www.maineventradio.com/reviews.htm

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