Early Thoughts on Armageddon

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With the next WWE PPV just a few weeks away, there is already rumors flying about as to the matches we’ll be seeing on Armageddon. In years past, we’ve used this PPV to have title matches that usually involve multiple contenders. I recall (2000) a Hell in the Cell with six guys a few years back when Kurt Angle was champion. Last year’s show was rather forgettable, as the main event was a tag match with Batista and John Cena (both champions at the time) beating Finlay and King Booker. They also had a last ride match with Taker beating Mr.Kennedy.

2004 also saw a fatal four way as JBL beat Eddie Guerrero, Taker, and Booker T. 2003 saw Triple H beat Goldberg and Kane in a triple threat to win the World Heavyweight title. So we now sit at 2007, and there are two matches that are bound to happen that will be headlined as the main events of the card.

First, based on Monday night, we’ll have Randy Orton defending the WWE title vs Chris Jericho. It appears that they want to put Y2J in the title picture asap, and this match will push the program between the two. There are still concerns about the reign of Orton, as while he may deserve to have the strap right now, there is no doubt that his title reign has been pretty forgettable. He’s just not getting over as he was when he was chasing the belt, which is usually the case.

Then from all indications, we’ll have a triple threat with Batista defending vs Undertaker and Edge. Right off the bat, there appears to be a storyline in the works where Edge wins the belt here, defends vs Batista at the Royal Rumble, Taker repeats as Rumble champ, and then at Mania you have Taker winning the belt back from Edge. Just a guess, but it does make sense.

Plus there are two other matches that could easily be on the card – Mr.Kennedy vs Shawn Michaels and a tag with a stip between Jeff Hardy and HHH vs Umaga and Snitsky.


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