ECW’s Ortiz Turning Heel?

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According to house show reports over the weekend, ECW Superstar Ricky Ortiz tried out working as a heel on two shows. He wrestled fan favorite Tommy Dreamer on two shows (in State College and Johnstown, PA), but lost both times via the Dreamer DDT. At the show in State College, Ortiz got on the mic and complained about being left off the Survivor Series pay-per-view. He said he was undefeated and did everything ECW General Manager Theodore Long wanted him to do, yet he was left off the card. Ortiz then insulted the fans as well as the other wrestlers in the back before Dreamer came out to a big pop.

During the match, Ortiz heeled it up by blowing his nose on his white “rally towel” and then spinning it over his head like a sprinkler to spread snot onto the fans at ringside. On Tuesday’s edition of ECW (taped on Monday at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C.), Ortiz was back to being a face as he made fun of Jack Swagger and his noticeable lisp. Theodore Long and Tiffany made a match between the two undefeated ECW stars (in singles competition on television), but Swagger came out on top, thus putting an end to Ortiz’s five-month long undefeated streak.

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