Elijah Burke Speaks Out on his WWE Release

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Elijah Burke was wished well in all his future endeavors (aka “released” aka “fired”) by World Wrestling Entertainment, and the former OVW standout posted a very weirdly worded blog on his website (http://www.theelijahexpress.com/blog/3). The captain (or, as he calls himself, “The Pope”) of The Elijah Express stated the following:

“My time is at hand. Do not weep, nor mourn, for I am gone but 4(up) a while. Hold on to that which I gave you, share it in laughter with those around you. For I have landed but for a brief refueling, for the course YOUR Pope takes is far far away. Your Pope smiles as he writes this knowing that peace is filled within, to all within the Congregation, NOW the true test begin! And remember, MY COMEBACK SHALL BE GREATER THAN MY SETBACK! The Pope Has Spoken!”



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