Enough of the Shillelagh

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Is this all Finlay has left in his repertoire. For a man who loves to fight , it seems he can only win by cheating now a days. And by clubbing Mark Henry tonight he now will face Matt Hardy for the ECW title next week. A great way to become number one contender. Please, please, please WWE let this man win cleanly for once. It’s not like you had anything to lose by him doing that tonight. If Cyber Sunday taught us anything, it is Mark Henry is not loved by the fans and frankly we are sick of seeing him each week in a major match. Let Finlay have his title shot, heck you can even make him champ, but due so legitimately. He has been in the business too long to have his matches dictated by cheap antics. For a main event this one came up short, big time.

The opener did no favors either as it was Hardy against Bam Neely. I will say Neely looked decent for once, but I still think his days are numbered as he still really has no direction.
He has been around long enough to establish himself and that has not happened, and that day may never come. Hardy was able to turn the tide of Neely’s early assault and get the win.

Ricky Ortiz was back om the program tonight and extended his winning streak by pinning a local wrestler. This match was so memorable I can’t even remember his opponents name and WWE.com has him listed as only “a local athlete.” Ortiz failed to get much out of the crowd as it looks like his star may already be fading. The same can be said of Jack Swagger, but I’m not sure if his star has ever shone. He had a rant on how Tommy Dreamer has always been a loser. This would cause Dreamer to storm the ring in a rage and beat Swagger with a bamboo cane. In what should have been some high drama, failed to get much out of the crowd. Dreamer only hit him once then stood in the ring as Swagger slowly left for the dressing room. As I said last week this feud should die soon enough.


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