Final WrestleMania 24 Predictions

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WWE Title: Randy Orton vs Triple H vs John Cena – While this match is lacking the push that last years Shawn Michaels vs John Cena match had, this overall could be a better match. I will say that there is no doubt that Randy Orton as the champ is the odd man out, so I don’t see him winning here. John Cena is off to make another movie, and Triple H has not had the WWE Title in a few years, so look for him to come out on top and make the fans happy as we leave the Citrus Bowl.

World Heavyweight Title: Undertaker vs Edge
– This really should close the show, but it likely won’t as the Taker is by far the heavy favorite here to win and take the title back, moving to 16-0 at Mania. Edge is the best heel in the sport, and a great champion, and I look for immediate rematches between these two top men on the SmackDown side, but overall, Taker wins and gets the strap back.

The Big Show vs Floyd Mayweather
– The story here is will Mayweather allow himself to take the loss, which is the way it should go, but likely won’t. I could see this being a total disaster, and it’s really going to lay on the shoulders of the Big Show to carry Mayweather and carry the match to make it passable. I would love to see Show win and get a push, and while I am picking it, it won’t surprise me to see Mayweather come out with a knockout.

Money in the Bank
– Each guy in this match has been there before, with the exception of MVP, which is why I am picking him to win. Usually a win here means a push, but overall I don’t know what they will do with MVP since he already has the US Title. What I could see is a loss of the US Title to Matt Hardy, then possibly a move to RAW. Overall the match should be a winner, as it usually always is.

Batista vs Umaga
– It’s a SmackDown vs RAW match, which today really does not make sense with the fact that there are plenty of interpromtional matches these days. Umaga took the fall to Bobby Lashely last year, and while Batista is the favorite being the face, I’d like to see Umaga get the win, move to SmackDown in the draft, and continue to feud with the Animal.

Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels
– Flair basically said his “good-bye’s” to the men backstage and the company last night, and I think that it was well done, and this will be a great way to go out. Michaels will lift Ric to another final, last great match, and while this will not be the match to steal the show like everyone thinks, it will be good and a fitting way for Ric to finally call it a career at 59 years old.

BunnyMania Women’s Match
– Does anyone care? This is your typical womens match to highlight the girls, and with Snoop Dogg in the house doing the intros, it should for the most part be short, sweet, and the babyface girls of Ashley and Maria will find a way to go over taking losses on TV the past few weeks.

Finaly vs JBL – With it being a Belfast Brawl, we had better see some blood, chair shots, and what not to get what should be a rather “bathroom break” type of match over. Look for Finlay’s sidekick – Hornswoggle, to be in the house, and he should lift Finaly to the win to get this match over and be okay for what it is.

24 Man Battle Royal with the Winner facing the ECW Champ – I like the overall addition of this and the ECW title match with Chavo Guerrero, and this should be a good way to start the show. Most of the guys in the match are mid-card guys, with the overall focus on Mark Henry, Kane, and The Great Khali. I like Kane to win this, and then to lose to Chavo after a good match where he falls short of winning the ECW belt.

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