FLASHBACK: One Year Ago today on Let’s Wrestle – SmackDown 5/4

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The following was posted one year ago today on Let’s Wrestle

WWE Friday Night SmackDown put in motion what we already know will happen next week in Pittsburgh, and that is a heavyweight title change as they announced the cage match with Undertaker and Batista. While I expect that match next week to have a ton of heat, I don’t think it will be very long, or very good, as they will have to protect the arm of Taker that he will have surgery on for a torn bicep.

The Friday night show was okay, with a somewhat ugh main event of Kane vs MVP, for a right to take on Chris Benoit for the US Title. MVP won when both William Regal and Dave Taylor came out and distracted Kane. It was an okay match, somewhat of a down main event, and it will lead to likely another match at Judgement Day with Benoit and MVP.

The best match of the night was somewhat of a shock, as Matt Hardy beat Ken Kennedy after a very long and very good match. There was a ton of false finishes, and it looked like Kennedy was going to win plenty of times, but in the end, you had Matt hitting the twist of fate for the victory. One thing that I am really getting tired of is JBL saying “ballgame” everytime a wrester hits a big move and it looks like he is going to win. He must of said that 20 times during the show, and it was like – SHUT UP!

Boogeyman started the show with his usually bad match, as he beat William Regal via DQ. For some reason, even though they have already had it, they are setting up another tag with Boogey and Kane vs Regal and Taylor. This coming even after they had that match last week. Boogey is about the worst wrestler on the roster, and the gimmick is just not good enough for me to like him.

The other three matches on the show was a decent singles match with Brian Kendrick beating Domino. They are playing the role of Paul London ebing hurt, and then they will likely have these two teams rematch at the May PPV. I would like to see more of Duece and Domino before I buy into them being champs. Another match was a bizarre awful match with Miz and Finley, where a lot was based on Miz going after Hornswoggle. Miz took the countout, which was just weird. Bad match. Then we had a blah Gregory Helms vs Jimmy Wang match, where the neverending losing streak for Helms continues.

Most of this show was based on the Batista vs Taker build for next week. We have a poll up right now asking the readers who they want to be the next long term champ, and many of you say it should be Batista, or that they should bring Randy Orton over and have him win the belt. Whatever they do, the Taker title drop due to the injury is a big time letdown.

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