FLASHBACK: One Year Ago today on Let’s Wrestle – Takers Bicep Tear Changes Plans for Judgement Day

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The Following Was Posted One Year Ago Today on Let’s Wrestle

The title regin of the Undertaker may be short lived, as reports from various sources say that the “Deadman” could be down and out due to a torn bicep muscle. The tear took place before Takers “Last Man Standing” match with Batista Sunday at Backlash, so give him major props for working through the match. Monday morning Taker was said to be a in a heavy amount of pain, and he was set to see famous surgeon Dr. James Andrews today in Alabama, the same city that SmackDown is in tonight.

If Taker needs surgery, which is likely, he will be out of action 6 to 8 months. This of course means the company will have to make a decision in regard to a title change, with the early favorite being just to put the belt back on Batista. The torn muscle reportedly rolled up the muscle, meaning that the only way to repair it would be to have surgery, which would mean the lengthy rehab.

The planned main event for Judgement Day pretty much from day one was for Taker to take on Batista in some sort of special stip match, likely a Hell in a Cell match. Sunday’s no decision as both men were counted 10 in the Last Man Standing match only put in motion that another match was to take place at a PPV.

Now that the injury seems much worse, that match is off and the bookers are going to have to scramble to get things in motion for a likley title switch and new main event for that show.

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