Heyman on the New WWE and Who’s the Best Heel

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Source: The UK Sun

A new article in the UK Sun, written by Paul Heyman, discusses the current state of WWE and who he thinks is their best performer. The following are excerpts from Heyman’s column:

“There’s a tangible buzz surrounding World Wrestling Entertainment programming right now. They’re shaking things up.”

“While “new” for the sake of “new” is not good, the statement being made by WWE to its audience is: “We’re taking chances, we’re trying new things, we’re giving the ball to new players and seeing who scores.”

“(Edge’s) charisma alone could carry an entire show, and, bluntly, he’s had Smackdown on his shoulders for longer than most people realize but (Adam) Copeland’s portrayal of the scheming, manipulative, opportunistic Edge is played in such a way that you simply want to see him get beat or perhaps more importantly, beat up.

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