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Jim Ross is back with another blog on his official JRsbarbq.com website. Below are some of the highlights:

On Ric Flair’s WWE status: He indicated to me that he was on the road 19 days last month, which is a busy month of travel, but that he usually gets to be home on the weekends. Ric loves his “Ambassador” role as Ric does exceptionally well at private functions where he can converse with corporate types. There are no plans for Ric to wrestle again but I liked seeing him on Raw even though one can argue that by promoting his appearance that it might have helped increase interest in the broadcast. Hindsight is usually 20/20 and reasonable arguments can be certainly made that the return of the legendary Flair could have been handled with more fanfare and impact.

On Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels:
Chris Jericho has arguably been, at least, the verbal star of Monday Night Raw the past couple of weeks. Nice illustration that one doesn’t have to yell to make one’s point while executing a big time promo. It’s hard to fathom producing Raw in San Antonio without HBK but that might be the case this coming Monday in Shawn’s hometown thanks to this to Michaels issue with Jericho specifically the HBK eye matter.

On Million Dollar Mania, lack of wrestling on Raw and the divas: I thought the money give away on Raw was a much better presentation this week but, as usual, I would love to have seen more wrestling. Call me crazy but I still think fans tune in on Monday night’s to see people compete against each other, whip some ass, have some compelling, wrestling bouts and do things athletically that can’t be seen on any other program on TV. I like to see lovely ladies in bikinis as much as the next guy, I might be on a diet but I can damn sure still look at the menu, but was Monday night the right place for the out-of-the-blue “fashion show”? Perhaps it was but I would have enjoyed more physicality and longer wrestling matches but that’s just me.

You can read the complete blog at JRsbarbq.com.

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