Interview w/ Kurt Angle – Back to the WWE?

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The Daily Star posted an interview with Kurt Angle today. He addressed a number of topics including what he’ll do when his TNA contract expires next year (next September), his thoughts on Shawn Michaels, Triple H & Vince McMahon, TNA making his match at Hard Justice with AJ Styles last month “complex,” and more.

His plans when his TNA contract expires: “When my contract comes up I’m going to be doing some MMA, so there it is straight up. At present I am leaning toward TNA, but I will choose whatever company is in my best interests.”

How he will make his decision: “My decision will rely on how I feel about the company, and I feel pretty good right now about TNA. It comes down to where I feel I am able to fill the greater purpose. Right now TNA is the better way to go, I like being the top guy here and helping them grow.”

If he’d return to WWE: “If I did go back, which is a very slim chance, my schedule would be a lot less. I just can’t do it, I’ve wrestled twenty two years in amateur wrestling and eight as a pro. It just won’t happen.”

His feelings on Shawn Michaels and Triple H:
“My anger has passed. I don’t blame Shawn or Triple H for what I went through. When it was time for me to get help, instead of shouting out I kept my mouth shut., Trip and HBK are two of the best wrestlers who ever lived. I harbour no animosity towards them. McMahon is a billionaire who wishes he had a gold medal in the Olympics. I may not have the money, but I am a valuable commodity. He knows, and I know.”

His feelings on Vince McMahon: “He is the smartest, most intelligent, and most successful promoter of all time. Him and I have had our ins and outs, and it’s almost come to blows, but Vince and I have a mutual respect for each other. I know how good he he is at what he does, and he knows how good I am. No-one can break that bond, not Jeff Jarrett, not Dixie Carter. It’s like a father-son bond.”

TNA complicating his match with AJ Styles at Hard Justice: “We had a match at Hard Justice – I wanted to have a straight up match, one on one, but at the very last second they came to us and told us that it would be last man standing. Then they changed the rules – we had to pin each other, then after that he has ten seconds to get up, and it was all starting to get too complex.”

More on TNA booking: “We have to make the fans understand what we are doing. All of a sudden we have to have a pinfall??! We are trying to be innovative, but sometimes we can be a little too innovative, and it can backfire on us. It’s better to be simple so the fans understand.”

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