Is the Hardy vs Hardy Feud Done?

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In the first-ever Stretcher Match on Friday Night SmackDown this week, Jeff Hardy faced his own brother in an emotion-charged battle. Just like their Extreme Rules Match at WrestleMania XXV, it was Matt who walked away victorious. Following the match, Matt sent his own brother hurling back down the ramp, causing the stretcher to smash into the ring below. The feud between Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy was expected to be a short-term deal, so last night’s Stretcher Match was more than likely the blow-off to the program.

In a behind the scenes tidbit regarding their match at WrestleMania, privately, the two brothers were expecting to steal the show, even with Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels on the card. However, they were also given the caveat that it depended on if they were given enough time to do so. Ultimately, their match only lasted 13 minutes.

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