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So the seeds of a ECW/Smack Down merger begins. Its about f’n time to paraphrase old EC dub lingo. Since its rebirth the ECW was been a sad, emasculated shell of its former self. The only thing extreme about it has been how extremely boring it is. It gave us the worst pay per view in history with the 06 December to Dismember and its champs have hardly set the wrestling world on fire. I believe my 20 seconds getting my picture taken with the ECW belt at Wrestlemania 23 had more of an impact than any current or previous champ. To put it short ECW has only disappointed recently.

Tonight we actually did not have to suffer through a Kevin Thorn vs. some nondescript jobber match, nor watch Mike Knox give another sad performance in the ring. By infusing Kane along with Jessie and Festus taking on some of the few talented members of the ECW crew we actually had a decent show. Now its not close to Smack Down and has a long way to go to match RAW, but its still can entertain on a late Tuesday night. I was actually surprised how fast the show seemed to go tonight as I usually strain to stay interested until the main event on most nights.

As for the show itself, nothing much happened other than the preview of a possible merger, or talent share as the WWE is calling it. CM Punk teamed with Kane to take on his Cyber Sunday Rivals with Punk and Kane getting the win. Then later John Morrison took on The Miz with Big Daddy V interfering. Wait, I totally forgot, it looks like Balls Mahoney and Kelly Kelly are going out. Check that, like I said above, nothing much happened.

On a final note I would like to say good by and good luck to King Booker. Its sad to see a good performer leave as I feel he still has much to give. His reign as the World Heavy Weight Champ in my opinion was one of the best title reigns in recent times. So for one last time, All Hail King Booker!!!!!!!!


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