JBL Updates His Blog on WWE Universe

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WWE Intercontinental Champion John Bradshaw Layfield has updated his WWE Universe blog. Here are some highlights:

Andrew “Test” Martin: “Very saddened to hear about Andrew Martin’s death. Andrew was a good friend and I hate to see someone so young with so much promise not get to live a full life.”

His WrestleMania Surprise: “I know you are getting sick of me saying it, but I still plan on doing something historic at Wrestlemania. I can’t let the 25th anniversary of Mania go by without JBL doing something big. I do plan on doing something big in my great home state of Texas.”

Ohio Valley Wrestling: “I want to reiterate that I don’t own OVW, I am an advertiser there in the same way I advertise with Fox 17 in Nashville and 97.5 the Rock in St Louis. We have good distribution in these areas so it makes sense to advertise where we have products on shelves. The hardest thing in retail is not to get on shelves but to get them off the shelves by customers buying the product.”

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