Jim Ross Writes About the Late Owen Hart

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Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry on his official website. He remembers the late Owen Hart, who would have been 43 this week:

It’s hard to believe that Owen Hart would have been 43 years of age this week. Owen was one of the really good guys in the business. The youngest of Stu and Helen Hart’s children was funny, witty, an excellent wrestler, wasn’t a cry baby and never whined. Owen Hart was truly one of the really good guys I have ever met in any walk of life. Owen had character and integrity to go along with his outstanding wrestling talent. I never saw Owen drunk (I honestly can’t remember him even having a beer, although he well could have) and never, ever heard of him using drugs. Owen was also a man who honored his wedding vows. The practical jokes one hears Owen played on people were probably true and many of the much needed and funniest moments on long, grueling tours usually came from Owen who would rather make people laugh than get drunk, get high or lay with a female that wasn’t his wife. Announcing to the world that Owen had died on a pay per view broadcast having about 30 seconds to collect my thoughts before going live to the world was one of the hardest things I have ever been instructed to do. Since then, when we have moments on Raw where the announcers have to lower our tone to embellish a particular moment and when fans or pundits refer to it as “the same tones the announcers used when Owen died” it pisses me off. No one in Internet land or sitting at home can ever put themselves in our shoes the night that tragedy occurred. My mindset and where my heart was on that night in Kansas City is far away from any place I have been since in the wrestling business. I saw a fellow the other day at an event that used to pick Owen up at the airport in a particular town, drive Owen around for free and allow the game’s greatest ribber to stay at the guy’s home just to be around Owen because Owen made every one he was around smile. Of course, Owen was saving money on rental cars and hotels so, as usual, Owen got the last laugh. 🙂 Owen Hart deserves to go into the WWE Hall of Fame but unfortunately I feel that his widow Martha would never cooperate with such a thing which is unfortunate especially for Owen’s children who would see so many people demonstrate their love of their dad.

Happy Birthday Owen. I miss you.

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