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Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry at his official website.

Here are some highlights:

– Tag Teams Getting Exposure: It is nice to see some of the tag teams on Raw get a cup of coffee on the broadcast. Hopefully something meaningful will come of the duos’ enhanced exposure. Hopefully, we will even here some of them verbalize in the near future.

– Hall of Fame Thoughts: “It was great to see MLB great, Wade Boggs in Orlando and without question Wade can drink more beer than any baseball player alive…INDEED! It’s also not new news that the WWE is talking about acquiring a building for the WWE Hall of Fame. I expect that to be soon, within a couple of years, but the big question is where? It wouldn’t surprise me whatsoever to see it erected in Stamford, CT, where the WWE HQ is located. Nonetheless, count on it happening, as we have been saying here for quite some time. Also, I strongly suggest that the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony be held on Friday night next year and NOT on Saturday night. I would have few, if any, official functions for the talents to be involved with on Saturday night, which is obviously the night before WM25. Can you say curfew boys and girls?

– Ken Shamrock at RAW: “Ken Shamrock made a surprise appearance backstage Monday night at Raw. Ken was in the area doing some promotional work in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. and dropped by to say hello and reconnect with the WWE. I told Ken I watched his last MMA fight that emanated from the UK and he smiled and said “that fight was a joke”. I told him we all have the occasional bad day at the office. Ken’s loss in the UK could prove to be financially costly to him, as it relates to future fights. Ken discussed the potential of being involved in a reality show and said a fight with his brother Frank was definitely on the radar screen, but that if the fight came off that it would not be held in California. Ken having his persona essentially rehabilitated, and focusing on “family” and fighting on the possible reality show, would help create a demand for this brotherly battle. Ken looked much leaner than when I last saw him in the WWE, but in great shape, nonetheless. Ken really evolved in the WWE over his time in the company, that included yours truly fining him a week’s pay once upon a time for missing a booking after having a little too much fun, oversleeping and not making his flight to, I think, ElPaso . I found Ken easy to work with, as long as one was direct and honest with him, which is the way business should be conducted. This is only a personal observation, but if I were Ken or his “people” I would be looking at ending my active fighting career much sooner than later. No one wants to have their porch light start flickering, if you know what I mean.”

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