JR Speaks on SmackDown, Being a Sailor, Jose Conseco

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Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry on his official website. Here are some highlights from this entry:

On wearing a sailor suit on last night’s SmackDown: “It must have been a slow news week in the ‘rasslin biz as the sailor suit that yours truly wears on Friday Night Smackdown is getting WAY too much coverage. I think it will be good for a chuckle, certainly for some behind the scenes operators, but neither Tazz nor me had any issues with our costumes whatsoever. Hell, it’s a Halloween night theme! Speaking of Sailors, does any one remember Sailor Art Thomas?”

On people sending him e-mails for saying Friday Night SmackDown is the “A” show:
“Hey, for those of you that have sent emails to this site rebuking with venom my flippant remarks about Friday Night Smackdown being the “A” show and all that other fertilizer I have three things to say to you, “Lighten up, Francis.” Why would I NOT think my “team” wasn’t the best in the WWE or should I simply drag my ass to work with a “poor us” , defeatist mentality? That isn’t the way I personally play the game and as long as my fire continues to burn as a fan of wrestling I will remain competitive. The day I don’t care is the day I start selling “Q” full time.”

“Rumors” of The New Hart Foundation (DH Smith, TJ Wilson & Natalya) starting up in WWE: “I have read “rumors” of a new formation of an updated Hart Foundation. I am not big on repackaging old personas and have made that point clear which is exactly why this creative manifestation is likely to happen.”

The recent report of Jose Canseco talking with WWE about doing something together: “I read where the story came out about Jose Canseco once wanted to explore the WWE way back in the day and I thought it was an ill advised idea then and I haven’t changed my mind. It makes no sense to me to bring outsider with no training and dubious character into a locker room environment. Of course those that wanted to explore the concept of hiring Jose did not have the responsibility of managing him.”

Ross, apparently talking about WWE’s frequent “Did You Know?” messages on Monday Night Raw:
“Will the WWE announcers break their arms patting themselves on the back when it comes to all the well earned accolades of Monday Night Raw? Watching at home or from a hotel room it gets a little repetitive to hear all the self congratulations that used to irk my late mentor, Gorilla Monsoon. Raw is a phenomenon without question but “I get it.” Tell me once an hour and I will be more likely to retain it positively than if I feel as if I am being force fed.”

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