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Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry, some highlights from this entry:

– So many titles and so little time. Which title match at the June 29 WWE Night of Champions pay per view will be sucking ‘hind teat as the old expression goes as it relates to not having ample time to tell a viable story? Perhaps this event will be more to this old schooler’s liking and be heavier on wrestling, physicality, and action than it will be on talking and talking and talking.

– Yours truly looks forward to seeing old friend Michael Hayes return to work with the WWE which I understand might be this Monday in Salt Lake City for the live Monday Night Raw. As reported on many websites over the past several weeks, Michael made a mistake and a terrible error in judgment that has cost him severely. Sitting home for 60 days without pay and being demoted and losing current and future income are appropriate and significant punishments. Michael’s problem, in my personal opinion, are manifested and enhanced by one evil and that is abuse of alcohol. My paternal Grandfather was two different people, a loving, supportive “Grandad” when he was sober who attended many of my athletic contests and a mean spirited, embarrassing, foul mouthed person I did not care to be around when he was drinking which, unfortunately, was more often than I choose to remember. This particular matter came to a head when he rolled into our front yard one Saturday afternoon with a buddy who was also drunk and obnoxious while my Dad and I were doing lawn duty. The two of them thought they would “show off” when my Grandfather challenged me to a “wrestling match” knowing I was a big wrestling fan. My Dad gave me the nod that I had better defend myself and I reluctantly did and the physicality ensued. This ended up with my Granddad unfortunately sustaining broken ribs by his 15 year old grandson which is obviously not one of my fondest or proudest childhood memories. I have never shared this story with many people before now. My Granddad’s friend attempted to do the proverbial “run in” and “save” his drinking buddy until my 6′3″-270 lb. father backhanded him with Dad’s massive left hand. It was not a good weekend on the Ross farm but it taught me a great lesson of how destructive the abuse of alcohol can be. It is my understanding that Michael has received counseling for his alcohol issues which I am truly thankful to hear. Whether Michael works for the WWE for one more day or one more decade, I am more concerned that he defeats his demons and lives a long, healthy life. Financially and from a personal perspective, Michael Hayes has been hit deservedly hard but this unfortunate situation can be made into a positive one at the end of the day if Hayes learns from his mistakes and begins his daily battle to restrain from drinking. On a personal level, I am happy that Michael Hayes is being given another chance, Lord knows I have had second chances in life, and now it is up to him to make it work. I sure as hell hope that he does and will be there to help him in any way that I can. This entire, unfortunate experience may have saved the former Freebird’s life.

– It looks as if the WWE Draft show on June 23 in San Antonio will be a sell out for the 3 hour live broadcast on the USA Network that starts at 8/7 central as I understand it. I know all three announce teams are required to be there which is interesting. Do you actually think any broadcasters will switch brands? I know at least two “talking heads” that hope they don’t change addresses.

More notes from JR on the Cauliflower Alley Club:

– Terry Funk is still one of the most charismatic and insightful individuals in the wrestling business. I would love for Terry to be a “guest lecturer” in the WWE Developmental Program. We will have an autographed photo of Terry on our restaurant wall when we open our newest J.R.’s Family BBQ in Moore, Oklahoma. If there has been a better all around in ring talent in this business as far as being a good guy, bad guy, talker, wrestler, brawler, etc than Terry Funk I have yet to meet the gentleman. We had a long talk about the state of the business and even reminisced about the famous “I Quit” match Terry had with Ric Flair that featured manager Gary Hart and my broadcasting partner Gordon Solie that aired on TBS in 1989 and has been featured on WWE 24/7. That match was one of my most memorable moments in the business.

– Since I have had a few days to sit and reflect on my extensive visit with two of wrestling’s greatest stars ever, Bret “The Hitman” Hart and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, I feel so blessed that I was able to listen to their take on today’s wrestling biz and their evaluations of certain talents, etc. Both these men will always have wrestling in their blood but their post wrestling careers are just as exciting as their days on the mat and both seem to approach their “after life” with the same work ethic and attention to detail as they did their matches. Bret said Steve was one of his all time favorite opponents and Austin has said the same thing about Hart. What I wouldn’t give for these two to headline just one more Wrestlemania but I guess I will have to wait until the Legend’s Video Game to book that match. I know this, I would love to produce a DVD featuring these two greats speaking about their careers, their wrestling influences, their battles with each other and their favorite bouts including matches that they were NOT a part of in their memorable careers.

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