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Jim Ross is back with another blog. Some highlights:

Nick Hogan in Jail: “The Florida judge who denied Nick (Hogan) Bollea’s request for a 30 day or so house arrest until his 18th birthday should be commended but honestly what else could the judge realistically do? Agreeing to the order would have been political suicide for His Honor and the decision seems to be on the money. Yes, when one does the crime and one does the time. Simple cliche but true nonetheless…

“I heard the term used in the WWE locker room recently, and excuse my crassness, referring to the “lucky sperm club” and these unnamed individuals were not speaking of Nick, but an argument can made that Nick is really lucky that he is the son of Hulk Hogan because things in young Nick’s life could be much worse than Nick perceives them to be if his Dad weren’t the bandana wearing celeb and wrestling icon that he is. Jail isn’t designed to be a pleasant experience but the young man’s penal experience could be much worse, without question…”

Fans Who Jump the Gate and Enter the Ring:
“In the Mid South territory, disruptive fans who ventured into the ring to challenge a wrestler and who interrupted what the other paying customers were seeing were escorted to the locker room area by the police where the usually drunk and disorderly individuals were introduced to some extremely tough and combative men and were then left to ‘chat’ with said wrestlers by the local authorities who left to handle other ‘issues.’ Ouch. Many of these over zealous fans next trip after the ‘chat’ was to a hospital.”

Developmental DUI’s: “Sore spot of the week…..Young wrestlers who are in training and who do not show adequate self control or use good judgment when it comes to drinking are in need of a ‘sit down.’ I have been guilty of utilizing a lack of judgment myself and am not proud of it. If I were a young guy wanting to make the primarily roster of a major company I damn sure wouldn’t give the suits any reason, such as getting a DUI, to not give me a chance.”

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