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Jim Ross’ official website has been busy this weekend, posting a new blog entry from JR as well as another slew of Q&A featuring Ross’ answers to questions that are submitted to his website.

Some wrestling related highlights from the blog entry:

– Wrestling lost one of its classiest and toughest competitors this week with the passing of Don Curtis. Don was a great collegiate wrestler and football player and is one of the very few men I have never heard his peers say one negative word about. In the wrestling business that is virtually an impossibility, with all the jealousy and insecurities that often times exist in the old locker room. Don and Mark Lewin made a superb tag team and Don eventually became Eddie Graham’s promoter in Jacksonville for many years. Don was a bona fide credit to the business and if wrestling had more men in it like Don Curtis it would be much better off.

– Pet Peeve of the Week… time limits for the vast majority of wrestling matches. Time limits make the sports entertainment presentations have a little more “sport” to them and add to the sense of urgency. Point made…soap box stored.

– Wrestlemania will be “Posse Central” with the likes of “Money” Mayweather, 50 Cent, John Legend, Kim Kardashian (Reggie Bush??), and one of our all time favorites, Snoop Dogg. WM24 catering should be an interesting place to hang.

– I received a wonderful signed copy of Bret Hart’s autobiography and it is definitely a “must read,” just as most sane people have said. I don’t do book reviews per se, but this is one helluva read and I have much admiration and respect for Bret for his tireless efforts in telling a thorough and honest story. If you are a fan of wrestling to any degree, this is one book I strongly suggest you read. Chris Jericho’s is another. I am looking forward to getting some tights, etc from Bret to frame and hang in our new restaurant. It is great seeing “The Hitman” making appearances at fan conventions on occasion, which is an indicator that he is feeling better. I really miss seeing Bret wrestle I can tell you that.

– It would be nice to see some fireworks between Mayweather, Jr. and the Big Show Monday night at their weigh in on RAW. This concept might be risky, because I don’t think “Money” has totally gotten just how powerful the 400 plus pound Big Show is and the fact that Floyd is going to scoop into WM24, make a HUGE payday and bolt while Show is going to stay in the WWE for the foreseeable future and continue to earn a living. I have known wrestlers in the past who would “go into business for themselves” in matters such as this to protect their individual persona’s. The problem is if Show manhandles “Money” prior to WM24 would Floyd want any more on March 30? Floyd has not endeared himself to the WWE locker room or so it seems. I could be wrong on that assessment, but that’s one man’s opinion.

Here are a few Q&A answers from Ross:

On WWE taking away signs at shows: “I am not big on removing signs in general but I have on occasion looked in the confiscated sign pile and there are some ballsy signs made that are doomed from the start. Some people are just starved for attention and think that by authoring a “controversial sign” that they will get on TV and be cool to their buddies. Some signs are simply too profane to put on TV while others simply knocking a wrestler should probably be left alone. Can you explain why someone held a sign up in Phoenix recently that said “J.R.’s BBQ Sux” when most likely they had never tried it? Is that exercising one’s freedom of speech or simply trying to draw attention to one’s self and being a wise ass? Where is the line drawn?”

On whether WWE will stop editing out Chris Benoit from programs on WWE 24/7: “I don’t know that we will never see another Benoit match on any WWE platform. I have not heard that declaration. Getting past this entire tragedy will take some time and the day that the Benoit material begins airing again there will be tons of people complaining that the WWE is exploiting the murdered family….guaranteed.”

On why Jerry Lawler not yelling “Puppies” during Diva segments anymore: “King has been asked to refrain from using that term and we are encouraged to stay on the “high road” at all times.”

On why Vince McMahon doesn’t bring back Chyna: “I don’t know why Chyna would want to come back to a place she seemingly so desperately wanted out of just a few years ago. I don’t think she would be happy considering her past history in the WWE. This is not a “why won’t Vince McMahon” deal. As someone who has spent ample time with Chyna during her WWE days, I would advise her to not return.”

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