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Jim Ross is back with another blog update at Some of the highlights:

– I have read where some fans are uncomfortable with Jeff Hardy being the WWE Champion because of his past “strikes.” I have read where some fans feel that because Jeff won the WWE Title at one of the WWE’s perceived “secondary” pay per views that it is a tainted title win. Others have predicted that Jeff will be the proverbial “interim” champion and will be losing the title before new merchandise can be made and distributed.

How long will Jeff Hardy be at the top of the WWE mountain as the WWE Champion? I have no idea other than the obvious answer, ” until he loses it.” I choose to look at this as an adventure for the talented, young man and to vicariously travel with him on it.

– I am proud that the superstar formally known as “Cherry” is heading back to college and taking a sabbatical from the ring. I applaud this young lady’s decision as her education is vital in today’s world and if she chooses she can always resume her wrestling career. Wrestlers with no college degree or nothing to fall back on if things don’t work out for them in the business put themselves in a position to be paranoid and insecure more often than not which can’t be deemed any thing but unhealthy.

– Friday Night Smackdown is really in-ring, wrestling heavy this week which is a good thing from where I sit.

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