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Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry on his official website. Below are the highlights:

On Monday’s Raw: I did get to see Monday Night Raw from Chicago nonetheless as the All State Arena holds many great memories for me. No, I am not specifically talking about the infamous “Country Whipping Match”, and I use the term “match” loosely, that Jonathan Coachman and I had once upon a time. Chicago was the location where my induction into the WWE Hall of Fame was announced. It was one helluva moment for me and was overwhelming. I felt like Sally Field must have felt at the Oscars one year when she emotionally said, “They like me…they really like me.” Enough of that.

On Chris Jericho: Chris Jericho has become an easy man to dislike these days and looks to be the hottest antagonist in the WWE now that fellow Canadian Edge is vacationing in his condo in Hell. I hear it is nice there this time of the year even though it is the hurricane season.

Jericho’s accidental punch to Rebecca Michaels’ mouth resulted in still yet to be confirmed damage to the young mother of two and the wife of HBK. It was obvious Sunday that her lip had swollen quickly immediately after she was struck by Jericho. This personal issue is arguably the most compelling matter in the WWE these days.

On Ric Flair: Ric Flair refereeing? I read of this recent Flair news item and I’m not sure that I agree with this assignment. “Naitch” is and will always be “The Man’ but “The Man” doesn’t need to be refereeing any wrestling matches…at least in my view. Perhaps it’s just me and the respect that I hold for Ric but the Nature Boy being a referee seems beneath Flair at this stage of his game. But one has to assume that a nice payday awaits pro wrestling’s greatest in ring performer.

On the Championship Scramble:
WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson told me that he loved the idea of the “Championship Scramble” coming up at Unforgiven in about 3 weeks. Patterson created the Royal Rumble concept and apparently Pat has visualized the “Championship Scramble” and he feels certain that it will be exciting. Before critics damn the match perhaps we should allow it to actually happen. I am reserving my opinion until I see the match. The success of this unique attraction is all in the execution, as usual. Plus it is a chance for multiple wrestlers to shine. Someone we unexpect may have a jaw dropping performance.

On Takeshi Morishima: Takeshi Morishima had a non televised match that I witnessed on Tuesday night before we taped Friday Night Smackdown. Morishima wrestles for the Ring of Honor organization which does a really nice job with their promotion for the record. When I saw Morishima in his wrestling attire I thought that the late Terry Gordy, who toured Japan many, many times back in the day, had fathered a “love child”. Morishima’s physique reminded me of the late Freebird in an crazy sort of way. If the young Japanese athlete can get to Gordy’s level in the ring then Takeshi will have done something special because Gordy was extraordinarly special. I hope that WWE 24/7 highlights the tag team bouts that Gordy and Dr. Death had with the Steiner Brothers many years ago in WCW. These four gave the term Slobber-Knocker new meaning.

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