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jeffJim Ross is back with another big blog update at Here are some of his latest comments:

On why commentary is recycled in SDvR each year: I know nothing of that matter. I do fresh commentary every year. The THQ guys work hard to produce great products but perhaps they got caught in a time crunch.

On when Jeff Hardy will be a “top guy”: I do believe that Jeff is “there”. That’s my perception. A huge win at Wrestlemania might truly seal the deal for the “Legend Thriller”.

On possibly why The Undertaker never commented on Eddie Guerrero and Owen Hart on TV: Much more TV persona than anything. Taker loved both men and had huge respect for them. Please don’t over analyze this matter and make more of it than it simply is.

The Rock update: The Rock is doing amazingly well. I spoke with him recently and he is really busy and really happy. Look for great things to come his way with some major news preparing to come out of his camp.

On future HOF candidates and Andy Kaufman: Solie may be close to a lock in Orlando this year, Lance is damn sure deserving and was awesome and dominated his home territory as a broadcaster better than anyone I can name. Andy Kaufman is an intriguing suggestion. I can’t argue against Gary Hart either. There are so many deserving men and women who could be inducted that it will simply be an act of patience by all of us during the upcoming years to see who gets the nod.

His thoughts on Stone Cold Sharkboy and whether TNA struck with the “first blow”: Uh, yes I’ve seen it and I have commented on it. “First Blow” for what?? If you’re wishing for another Monday Night War, don’t hold your breath.

The location for the May 5th RAW, the night after Judgment Day: Looks like it is scheduled for Kansas City.

On WWE’s travel schedule plans and changes: I don’t know the exact solution for the travel schedule within the WWE, but I do believe that a more wrestler friendly schedule needs to be and is being considered, but the current schedule is much better than it was not that long ago.

Austin update: Stone Cold doesn’t have a website but he is healthy, doing great, working out, deer hunting in season, eating J.R.’s Bar-B-Q Sauce and Chipotle Ketchup, and looking to film two movies in 2008 if all goes well. Steve has never been better.

On The Undertaker’s age: I thought he was in his late 30s. Someone will know. He looks to be in the best physical condition I can ever recall seeing him.

After asked how he took Triple H’s Pedigree so well: Beats me. Perhaps my ample front is pedigree friendly. One just does their best and hopes for the same. I have a tear in my right shoulder from a pedigree I received from Chyna many moons ago. I just discovered it on a MRI I had due to shoulder pain. Goes with the territory.

On why WWE refers to the second hour of RAW as RAW Zone: Ratings purposes… makes it a second show.

On if he has asked Austin about Stone Cold Sharkboy yet: No, but if I were TNA, based on the amount of comments we’re getting here, I would headline the next PPV with Sharkboy!

Ron Killings update: I have heard the same thing, but I have yet to see him any where that I have been, which doesn’t mean Killings isn’t returning to the WWE. Perhaps he is being held back until after WM24.

On the Divas and recent WWE releases: Divas get extensive exposure because apparently the WWE wants to appeal to the 12-17 male audience, of which they “own” on cable. Lashley wanted to leave the WWE and that was facilitated. I am not going to throw Masters or Cryme Tyme under the bus, as I like all three guys, but apparently the company had specific reasons for those talents being released. Who’s to say that all won’t be back?

Droz update: I saw Droz recently in Philly when we were there for Monday Night Raw and he is still in his automated wheelchair and has an attendant with him to assist him when needed. Droz’s positive outlook, however

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