Latest Top Ten Billboard Recreational Sports DVD’s with Thoughts on the WWE Selections

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Here is this week’s Billboard Recreational Sports DVD sales list. Next to the WWE selections I write my thoughts on the DVD’s or shows.

1. WWE: Rey Mysterio: The Biggest Little Man (Have yet to see it, but from reading about it, it appers to be nothing more than a few DVD’s of matches throughout his career. Interesting to me that his first WWE match was with Chavo Guerrero, and the pair have wrestled about 100+ times on TV since then in the five years Rey’s been with the company)

2. UFC 71: Liddell vs. Jackson
3. UFC 72: Victory

4. WWE: Unforgiven 2007 (A lackluster event with Randy Orton beating John Cena via DQ in a match to forget, Batista finally ending the awful Great Khali regin winning a 3-way with Rey Mysterio, and the return of the Taker in a blah match with Mark Henry)

5. 2001 FedEx Orange Bowl National Championship
6. Ultimate Fighter: Season 1

7. WWE: SummerSlam 2007
(Cena beats Orton in a solid main, HHH beats Booker in a match many won’t remember, and another bad Batista vs Kahli match ends in a DQ. A so-so event and actually below SummerSlam standards)

8. UFC Presents: The Ultimate Fighter 2

9. WWE: Wrestlemania 23
(Great event, will never forget the atmosphere with being right up on the ring area for a few matches {you can actually see me on TV more than once} and of course the card was jam packed with good stuff…a must buy, just because the Slickster made a cameo)

10. WWE: The Ladder Match (Another one I have yet to see, but knowing how good ladder matches have been over the years, I can say that this is likley a very good DVD)


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