Lawler Says Sid Ready to Go for a Comeback

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In an interview with the Peoria Star, Jerry “The King” Lawler said he’s seen seen former WWE/WCW star Sid Vicious and he believes he’s completely healed from his gruesome leg injury. “To me, he’s better than ever,” Lawler said. “He’s the same Sid he was before the broken leg.” Lawler added that he’s heard talk of Sid returning to WWE and he’d like to see it happen. “He’s completely healed, and there is some talk he might return to WWE,” Lawler said. “He could come back and make a big splash.”

Lawler also talked about the differences between working with Michael Cole and working with Jim Ross. “J.R. and I worked together for 15 years. He is great at what he does. He takes it so seriously,” Lawler said. “Working with Michael Cole is easy, as well. Michael is a little more … gosh, he might be a little more like me in the fact he’s kind of laid back.” Lawler added, “I always keep in mind, this isn’t brain surgery, it’s not life or death. It’s wrestling.”

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