Macho Man Lands In WWE All Stars

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WWE All Stars is set to hit stores March 29th, right before WrestleMania. The game will feature the best of past and present WWE stars. Unlike SmackDown vs. RAW, which is a simulation-style game, this game will be more of an arcade-style game.

In addition to today’s stars such as John Cena and Triple H, the game will feature legends such as The Rock, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Recently, WWE announced that “Macho Man” Randy Savage would be featured in the game as well. Here is the full roster. This is huge news for WWE fans.

It was believed that there may have been some animosity between Savage and WWE. This announcement may open some doors for Randy Savage to land a future roll with WWE whether its for special appearances or otherwise. It’s also been reported that THQ put together the Savage deal rather than the WWE.

With the announcement comes rumors that Randy Savage will be inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame.



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