More Hints on Umaga Switching Brands

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From WrestleAttitude:

Brian Bazinet pointed out an interesting statement made by Vince McMahon during WWE’s 2008 shareholders meeting. When asked when Umaga would get a “big push”, Vince replied: “In all likelihood, Umaga will switch brands shortly, and do as well as he possibly can”

So, it looks like Umaga might be heading to SmackDown (or possibly ECW) in the near future.

We broke the story here first right after WrestleMania 24 this year that WWE officials were very high on Umaga and had big plans for him. There was talk of pushing him with the Intercontinental Title on the RAW brand again, but then talks moved to him heading to the SmackDown brand to feud with The Undertaker over the World Heavyweight Title.

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