Morrison Speaks Out on Being Drafted to SmackDown

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WWE wrestler John Morrison recently spoke to to promote the SmackDown vs. RAW 2010 videogame. Here are some highlights:

Inspirations for his moves: “I watch other wrestlers, I watch movies with Jackie Chan and Jet Li and Tony Jaa, then there’s breakdancing and Capoeira. Just anything I see that looks awesome that I think I could adapt in the ring. Just your typical Kung Fu, breakdancing, Capoeira moves.”

On being drafted to SmackDown: “I think Smackdown is the cooler show in a lot of ways. Like you said, it’s the more athletic show, it’s faster paced. And then when you look at Raw, they have a lot of the established guys. They have Batista, John Cena, Triple H, The Big Show, HBK when he comes back. Look at the Smackdown side. We have all of the up-and-comers, but we also have (Chris) Jericho and Edge who are established, but they haven’t been around as long as guys like Triple H and the stuff that they have to say is generally fresher. There are more opportunities for match-ups people haven’t seen yet on Smackdown.”

His favorite wrestlers: “HBK (Shawn Michaels), loved him. Rick Rude, Ricky Steamboat, Hulk Hogan, Macho Man… all those guys. I can go on and on.”

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