No Suprise that Hulk’s Little Girl Ready to Bare All in Playboy

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It’s of no shock at this point that the name “Hogan” is not as innocent or squeaky clean as we all once thought. From the messy divorce that has been in the headlines between Hulk and wife Linda for months, to the reckless accident by son Nick that has landed him in prison for the next few months, no more can Hulk with a straight face tell us to “say our prayers and take our vitamins.”

This is why this latest story is not much of a shock. With her “music” career, and I use that term lightly after one song that got moderate play on the radio, daughter Brooke Hogan is now being rumored to be the next WWE lady (despite never being in a ring) to be doing Playboy. The rumor hit about a week ago, and this week it has picked up steam as the NY Daily News has confirmed that she has been approached about baring it all.

If you’ve seen Brooke more than once lately on your TV, it’s due to the fact she’s trying to push her new, awful, unwatchable TV show – “Brooke Knows Best,” an unnecessary and sad take-off of “Hogan Knows Best,” a popular reality show on VH-1 that actually was amusing, even more know with the extreme trouble the Hogan family in real life is having.

One of the main storylines in the “Hogan Knows Best” show centered around how daddy Hulk protected and basically sheltered Brooke for most of her youth, trying to keep her out of harms way, mostly meaning away from horny boys, for most of her teen years. Hulk’s plans have clearly backfired, as Brooke not only used her “assets” to pose already for FHM magazine, but also her TV show seems to be about the young adult, her gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) roommate, and childhood friend roommate going to South Beach clubs to pick up guys.

Now the Playboy hotline is calling, complete with the WWE’s likely backing if the Hogan daughter wants it. No better way to get Hulk in the fold for WrestleMania 25 in Houston than to have his naked daughter in Playboy and the WWE pushing it like they have for the past few years around Mania with Divas like Torrie, Ashley, Candice and last year’s Maria.

With her “career” nothing more than hanging onto the coat tails of her father and sad attempts to be another peppy pop-star, I wouldn’t doubt for a moment that the world will get to see ALL of what Hulk and Linda produced in the coming months in the most famous nudity magazine of them all.

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