Notes on WM 24 and Backlash 2008 DVD’s

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From: PWInsider

The only scheduled extras for the WWE Backlash 2008 DVD will be a post-match interview with Triple H and footage from Raw the day after his title win.

Leon Peters sent the following…..I was in FYE today and they had a poster up near the WWE section saying that WrestleMania XXIV will come in an FYE exclusive tin case. This was only mentioned for the DVD release, not the Blu-Ray release. They had one section with only the exclusive tin releases. So far they’ve released tin cases for WrestleMania 23, SummerSlam 2007, Survivor Series 2007 and Royal Rumble 2008(which I just found out existed today). Also, about the 3 disc(DVD) and 2 disc(Blu-Ray) difference for Mania 24. Both will include the full 4 hour Mania event, the pre-show Battle Royal and the Hall Of Fame. The reason Blu-Ray is only 2 discs is because Blu-Rays can hold more data than DVDs so the full Mania 24 event will be on 1 Blu-Ray disc while it will be split onto 2 discs for DVD. Also Blu-Ray will include the widescreen HD version while the DVD will include the full screen standard definition version.

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