Orton’s Title Run Already a Bust?

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There has been plenty of talk as of late about Randy Orton and his title regin as WWE Champion. The talk has been about if Orton has been a good champion, or if he’s lost his edge (no pun intended) since gaining the belt about two months ago. Well, I would have to say that based on Monday night, and what we saw at Survivor Series, the title regin has so far not lived up to what the company thought it would.

Orton was on a roll when chasing the belt, and he and John Cena were having a solid program before Cena went down with the injury that put him on the shelf of where he is now. Orton since has had his program with HHH at the PPV where he won the belt, then the program he just went through with Shawn Michaels.

Now we have the go-around with Chris Jericho, which should lead to the next PPV at Armageddon in Pittsburgh in a few weeks. The promo with Y2J on Monday night was not very good, and the reason why is because Orton didn’t sell it one bit. Jericho was on, but the promo was not becuase Orton was basically a robot in the ring.

So for now, Orton’s current run as champion has not been all that memorable. Does it have a chance? Sure. Will it go down as a bust? That’s where I’d put my money on right now if I was a betting man.

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