Paul Heyman’s Thoughts on Jim Ross Moving to SmackDown

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Paul Heyman’s comments in The Sun about the draft and the moving of J.R. to SmackDown:

VINCE McMahon overshadowed his own draft this week. That’s nothing new.

He always aims a big stunt that people didn’t expect. A shock, even for those who have come to expect the unexpected.

And Vince delivered on that concept, but in a completely different way than he anticipated.

Vince got some, but not a great deal of attention (yet) with the latest “Who Shot JR” remake with the chairman once again playing the assailed party.

What stole the show was the blockbuster announcement and behind-the-scenes secrecy of the drafting of the other JR to Smackdown.

Apparently, no one told Jim Ross that he was moving in advance.

He was, from all accounts, caught off guard by the graphic going up on the Titantron.

While surely the very top performers who were switching brands were given a heads-up over their change in assignment, not so for JR.

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