Possible RAW Spoiler Storylines

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From: WrestleScoop.com

There has been a lot of talk within WWE lately that CM Punk’s big push as World Heavyweight Champion was coming to an end and that it is time for him to drop the belt and build some momentum up on RAW so he can get it back in the future. There has also been talk of beginning to build a feud between Randy Orton and CM Punk which could see some kind of interference at the Unforgiven pay-per-view.

It also appears as if they are planting the seeds for a stable of younger guys, possibly to be led by Orton, that was discussed a few months back. Orton worked a few angles with the younger guys at TV this week. We do know that there was a plan being thrown around back before the WWE Draft that would have seen Batista come to RAW, turn heel and start a new Evolution type stable on RAW. For now the plan to turn Batista heel is off the table unless something else changes.

Regardless of what happens, sources indicate that the injury to John Cena and now Shawn Michaels could have drastic changes on the way RAW is booked to finish up this year and go into WrestleMania next year. Also, with the way WWE is booking things these days you never know.

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