Preview for Tonight’s Monday Night RAW

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Tonight’s WWE Raw will be the first of its kind offered in Hi-definition. The superstars will be on display in sharp, vivid color in all of their matches and glory. The show will also feature a double main event, with Shawn Michaels facing Mr. Kennedy, and Triple H facing a mystery opponent for a chance to get back into the Rumble.

Mr. Kennedy and Shawn Michaels are two Raw superstars with no love lost. They’ve defeated each other in the ring in seperate matches and bragging rights are on the line. Kennedy claims he’s better than HBK and says HBK can’t accept it due to arrogance and pride. Will Mr. Kennedy prove again that he can defeat the Heartbreak Kid? Or will Michaels use Sweet Chin Music to quiet the loudmouth Kennedy?

In WWE Raw’s other main event, Triple H will be looking to qualify for the Royal Rumble, again. It is unknown right now who Triple H’s opponent will be, but speculations can be made. Will Mr. McMahon pit Triple H against familiar foe, Umaga? Or maybe Randy Orton? There’s always the chance that Mr. McMahon will make Triple H face his friend Ric Flair yet again. Who will HHH’s opponent be and can be he win his way to the Rumble?

Catch Monday Night Raw on USA in Hi-Def, Monday at 9PM EST!

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