RAW-ECW Merger on Hold Till August 1st

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From: WrestlingWorld.com

The scheduled Raw-ECW show merger won’t be starting until August 1st, not later this month like originally reported. The last SmackDown/ECW show is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, July 29 in Hershey, PA. A live Raw taping is scheduled to take place the night before at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. with a Saturday Night’s Main Event taping to air at the end of the week on NBC, so that may explain the August 1st start date. Anyway, most everyone in the company is negative on the Raw-ECW show merger, feeling that there is a lot more tension backstage on Monday nights for Raw than Tuesday nights for SmackDown, which is a considerably more relaxed atmosphere. Also, competition is going to be a lot more fierce for spots at house show events. A number of the lower card wrestlers on Raw & ECW are going to have a pretty tough time. On the positive side, the WWE production team has an extra day to clean up any embarrassing Mike Adamle broadcasting miscues instead of less than two hours on most weeks.

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