RAW Ending Way Too Over the Top for My Taste…

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The WWE has always had a tendency to push the envelope when it comes to the whole “death” angle, and I for one dislike it. Last night it was that monster rearing its ugly head again, as they pushed with the JBL vs John Cena sleeper feud with JLB “killing” Cena at the end of the show with ramming a car into him. Poor taste to say the least.

Who gets anything out of angles like this? JBL is a heel to say the least, and I can’t see how “slamming” a car into Cena is going to draw him more heat. People already don’t like him, but do they actually think his “killing” of Cena is going to get Cena over more and make people not like Layfield more? Doesn’t make sense to me.

Anyone that likes pro wrestling has to cringe when they see something like this. I know in the world of Vince McMahon and the WWE it’s all about entertainment, but come on, do we really need to see something like this to get an angle over? Let the two wrestlers do their fighting in the ring, and forget about this stupid backstage stuff that makes the sport look bad.

Even more, stop “killing” wrestlers. It’s bad enough that real life has seen many wrestlers die over the years, but do we need it in our Monday night wrestling? I think not.

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