Raw is ECW?

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In order to promote the 100th episode of ECW we saw their roster take on the boys from Raw. It clearly showed who was the cream of the crop in ECW, but the only trouble is that the ones who really looked good barely are involved with that brand anymore. Miz, Morrison and CM Punk all looked good in their individual matches but Punk will be gone after he cashes in Money in the Bank, and Miz and Morrison are the tag champs on Smack Down. But ECW’s troubles can be discussed on other day.

Miz and Morrison took on Jericho and a wounded HBK. The match featured mostly Jericho against the champs and they mixed pretty well together. This especially is good for the Miz. You know they will move Morrison off ECW, but the Miz really has to earn his way back. I really like the hard work he is putting in and I think he deserves another shot. He may never be a main eventer, but he certainly can be a decent mid carder. They did a good job selling the HBK injury as he had to use the super kick to help out a double teamed Jericho. Still not buying the injury being real though. Look for this to come to a head at Judgment Day.

CM Punk and Orton got the lights out treatment tonight as Regal put a stop to their match as punishment to the fans. Though there was no end to this match, Punk keeps showing he can hold his own against the WWE’s top stars. It should be interesting to see where he finally ends up and when he cashes in Money in the Bank. Still looking for it to be against Edge, but Punk has proven he can handle anyone.

The main event pitted Kennedy and Triple H up against the entire ECW roster. ECW would win this match but it ended in an old fashion brawl. Most of the roster ganged up on Triple H, but some of the ECW guys went up against their fellow members. Then all of a sudden they ganged up on Triple H again. At least he ending was good. The played the Regal blackouts up by turning on the lights just in time for Triple H to get an RKO by Orton.

So will Piper end up against Carlito and Marella? Tonight on the Cabana he confronted the two with support from Cody Rhodes and Cryme Tyme, which is an interesting mix to say the least. Could this lead to something at Judgment Day or will this pass into obscurity. Either way it’s always good to see Hot Rod.

Mickie James and Beth Phoenix continue to disappoint. They are some of the best on the women’s roster, but they have no chemistry together. Their timed moves looked labored and off the mark all the time. I really liked this paring, but they have not shown their full potential. This is especially important for Phoenix. James can get by on her looks alone, but Beth needs to establish herself, less she becomes the next Jazz.

In another ECW tie in, Mike Adamle showed up and called the match with Paul and Katie Lee Burchill. Of course he was bad, but they really forced it this time. Jerry Lawler had some fun with it as Jim Ross looked on in disgust. Nice way for the WWE to turn an ugly situation to their advantage. If people are going to hate Adamle you might as well turn it into something you can use.

Finally JBL fired some shots at John Cena to pump up their match at Judgment Day. He insulted the Hart family and DH Smith before beating Smith to a pulp. The insults cut close to the bone, but it really didn’t due much to build heat fro Cena. The pairing really makes no sense and their is really no reason fro them to be going up against each other. Hopefully the match will be good at Judgment Day.


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