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Who ordered the Scramble?
August 25, 2008

On Raw, General Manager Mike Adamle instituted a “Championship Scramble,” a 20-minute match for the World Heavyweight Title at Unforgiven between champion CM Punk, John Cena, Batista, Kane and JBL. The night’s show saw each of those Superstars except for Punk win a match. With so many determined competitors in the mix, will they be able to contain their ambition in the scant weeks leading up to Unforgiven?

World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk’s aforementioned loss was suffered at the hands of the ruthless Chris Jericho, fresh off an accidental attack on the wife of his rival, Shawn Michaels. The first-ever Undisputed Champion has urged HBK to remain at home and comfort his family, but directly after his wife was laid out by Jericho, The Showstopper seemed to have something else in mind. Michaels gave up his career at SummerSlam – after the assault on his wife, will he still follow his doctor’s orders? Or will Jericho find himself on the receiving end of some retaliatory Sweet Chin Music?

Last week on Raw, it was revealed that Kane’s burlap sack contained Rey Mysterio’s mask. This week, Kane explained how he brutally assaulted the Ultimate Underdog and stole his mask. Following the revelation, Mysterio’s former tag team partner and good friend Batista rushed to the ring and attacked Kane, who managed to get the upper hand over The Animal due to his injured leg. What is the condition of Rey Mysterio, and will the rivalry between Batista and Kane spill over into their Championship Scramble?

For the answers to these questions and more, watch Monday Night Raw live at its regular time of 9/8 CT, this Monday on Sci Fi Channel – for one night only. Or catch the action at 11/10 CT on USA Network.

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