Road Warrior Animal Discusses Politics in WWE and Being Pulled from Live Events

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WWE Hall of Famer and brother to WWE’s John Laurinaitis Road Warrior Animal spoke to Brian Fritz of and says politics are stopping him from getting a job at coaching WWE talents. “To get in that, it’s a good old boy club. You would think with the people I know, I could get a job in the company, but it’s just one of those deals – maybe I’m just not a butt-kisser,” he said.

Animal says he hasn’t spoke with WWE since getting a phone call from his brother telling him that they were pulling him as a host at RAW live events last month due to comments from a pre-WrestleMania interview where Animal seemed to blast WWE’s Wellness Policy.

He said, “I don’t have anything to prove to anybody after all of these years. If they actually are going to think I’m that stupid after getting into the Hall of Fame and I’m going to be that disrespectful and slam them. So, it was a misunderstanding and they made a big mistake taking me off those shows. I didn’t do anything to get taken off the shows. It’s just that stupid political game. You talk about before, ‘Why aren’t you in there?’ There’s a prime reason.”



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