Ross Does an Update on SmackDown, Santino, Cena, Joe Henning

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Jim Ross is back with another Q&A update at, answering the fans questions. Some of the highlights:

JR on the ratings for SmackDown now: I think the ratings will dip at first with fans trying to find the new network but its everyone’s job to work hard and get them up and better than they were on CW.

JR on Santino Marella’s promos: Santino has talent and can deliver his lines but the large amount of the material comes from WWE creative. It takes two to tango and talent execution is the key. Santino fits his role so what he does on TV is somewhat close to one of his alter egos.

JR on when the Legends of WrestleMania roster will be revealed: Likely not until early 2009. I can assure you that it is an all star cast but without question some will bitch because one of their favorite’s got omitted. I think thisis going to be a helluva game allowing the player to book some big time dream matches.

JR on Deuce: I think Deuce needs a make over. His current persona means little so why not provide him a fresh start if he is going to remain on the roster?

JR on Joe Hennig and a role in the 2nd generation angle: Joe needs more time in development as calling up talent too early is a big mistake.

JR on if Cena sucks up to Vince and if Orton is a nice guy or not: Writing a book? Understand this…to succeed in the WWE to any degree one must be able to communicate and coexist with the Chairman. It is that simple. He is the decision maker and within any company if one can’t deal with the decision maker chances are one’s tenure will be short. Cena has a decent repore with McMahon but I certainly wouldn’t say he “sucks up” even though that is the most provocative dirt and is more of a provocative story than my honest answer. Randy can have his “moments” but he and I usually get along just fine. Others might not agree.

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